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An artist and art educator for four decades ranging from middle school to the college level, I strive to take art off the pedestal and into the daily lives of those who view my art.  With a focus on the medium of ceramic sculpture, I intend for the artwork to make statements about life circumstances, sometimes whimsical, often  political, and hopefully thought-provoking. My work has been exhibited in over 200 shows throughout the United States and abroad. Having lived in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Georgia, I identify myself as a "fringe Appalachian," and am currently living in a house my wife and I built near Singers Glen, Virginia.  Because of my background in residential construction, I am keenly curious about the intersection of building practices, architecture, and sculpture in regard to spatial awareness.  Coupled with that directive are issues that involve “passages”… and how proverbial doors, windows, and hallways might be incorporated in such works.  Compositionally, as a point of interest, I am drawn to the concept of “reliquary” and how one might integrate items that are of precious importance.

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